• Haibo Wu

    Chairman of the Board

    Graduated from Peking University Health Science Center in 1994, he was engaged in clinical works in Peking Universith Third Hospital and Sixth Hospital successively. Then entered the field of Pharmaceutical exploitation and consultancy, working as Medical Director of WATSON Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated and www.Haoyisheng.com.
    Responsible mainly for clinical trials and registration, management on medical experts and consultants. His specialties include planning and operation of medical exploitation projects, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, technology and market consultancy, and industrial policy consultancy, also with profound industrial background, abundant human resources and rich working experience.
    Social appointments: Director of China Medicinal Biotech Association, Executive director of the China Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economic Mathematics.
    Responsible for executing the Board resolution, company development direction, important issues, engaged in general business promotion and communication both domestic and abroad.


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  • Yanan Liu

    CEO, Executive Director

    Graduated from Peking University Health Science Center in 1983, and then graduated from School of Social Sciences Department of Tsinghua University in 1986.
    Got the Degree of Information Management System in U.S.A. in 1987, as Programmer, DBA, System Architect and IT Director in Highland Capital Brokerage.
    In 2007, as Excellence Sales Center Manager and global account manager in Microsoft (China).
    In 2010,  Vice President of Siemens (China) , CEO of Siemens (China) Information Group.
    In 2011, CEO of Atos Worldline (China) Co.,Ltd
    In 2016, CEO and Executive Director of GiantCRO



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  • Shaoqiang Chen

    General Manager of Product Commercialization Department

    Graduated   from Western Languages Department of Peking University
    In 1989, Professor, Information Center of CFDA
    In 1993, Project Manager in charge of administrative protection, Huake   Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Consultative Center
    In 1997, Market Research Manager & Investment Project Manager, CBM   Research U.K.
    In 2000, Vice President, Medical Electronic Commerce Department of Sea   Rainbow Holding Corporation.
    In 2007, New Business Development Manager, sales manager, also in charge of   Chief Coordinator in market sales, production quality & human resource,   and standardized management, Tianjin Hejie Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
    In 2014, General Manager for platform of product introduction and   commercialization, GiantCRO


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  • Hao Li

    Chief officer of Statistics

    Graduated   from Peking University Health Science Center, and Statistics Ph.D.  in Kentucky University in U.S.A.
    Visiting Professor of Beijing Tian tan Hospital.
    Medical statistical researches in GSK for years,  proficient in data processing in genetics,   epidemiology, biological markers and clinical trials.
    Published lots articles with high influence factors.
    Responsible for establishing clinical Big Data and medical support for   GiantCRO.

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  • Xia Chen

    Vice President, one of the founders of the Company

    Graduated from Capital Medical University
    Clinical practice for years, Beijing Tongren Hospital,
    Pharmaceutical administration & governmental affairs in Swiss Serono   pharmaceutical Company, Watson U.S.A
    Rich experience in registration of drugs and medical instrument, and   declaration of health insurance directory, familiar with pharmaceutical   regulatory affairs in the field of drugs for psychiatry, neurology, oncology,   stomatology and anesthesia (analgesics) and products for gynecology and   vaccination.
    In GiantCRO, in charge of business related to pharmaceutical   affairs/administration & quality surveillance on Company’s business   operation.


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