• Changsheng Ma

    Director of Cardiology Department, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, Professor, Chief Doctor and Ph.D. supervisor

    Mainly engaged in diagnosis and clinical research on cardiac arrhythmia. The first doctor in China to launch radiofrequency catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation and support more than 200 hospitals in China to develop radiotherapy catheter ablation for cardiac arrhythmia, cultivating lots of intervention specialties. Has published 92 SCI articles as the first author or correspondence author, and won the Second Prize of National Technology Advancement for three times. Interventional Cardiology, Frequency ablation atlas for cardiac arrhythmia, and Practice in Cardiology all have broad influence in China. He is also the Young and Middle aged Expert with Extraordinary Contribution in Health Department, Beijing Hundred Leading Talents, and Beijing Leading Talents of High Level of Sanitary Technology, and enjoys Special Government Allowance.

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  • Xin Ma

    President of Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University, Professor 

    Now as President of Beijing Anding Hospital,  concurrently as Director of the Beijing Institute of Mental Health Care, and Director of Psychological Department of Capital Medical University. Graduated from Beijing Medical University in 1983, and then dispatched to Western State Hospital of Washington University of U.S.A. in 1996 for refresher course in senior psychology and community psychology. Engaged in guiding multiple scientific researches, such as Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period  with “Early-phase Diagnostic Methods and Standardized Comprehensive Treatment Modalities for Suppression", and Beijing science and Technology Commission R & D project of "Control of Schizophrenia and Depression".


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  • Yongjun Wang

    Vice President of Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University, Professor, Chief Doctor and Ph.D. supervisor

    Engaged in researches on cerebral vascular diseases for years. From 2001, he established the first standardized stroke unit in China, and founded Tiantan International Cerebral Disease Conference, the greatest international cerebral vascular disease conference with the highest level in China. He compiled BNC Cerebral Vascular Disease Guideline as the first clinical guideline for cerebral vascular diseases in China, Stroke Unit which was the first article reflecting current condition of stroke. He also presided projects including supportive plan for national technology and significant specialty projects, and established Chinese National Stroke Registration and Platform of Innovative Drugs for cerebral vascular diseases.During last five years, the accumulated sum of money for projects presided by him reached to 40 million, and he has published more than 40 articles in famous international academic journals, including “A Research on Efficacy of Clopidogrel in Treating Acute  Non-Disabling Cerebrovascular Diseases”, a national multiple-site project that he has initiated in 2009, with its results as the significant research outcome in the field of cerebrovascular diseases published on New England Medical Journal on July 4th 2013 (Clopidogrel with Aspirin in Acute Minor Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack, N Engl J Med 2013; 369:11-19, influence factor: 51.658).Now he holds the position of director of endocrinology department of People’s Hospital of Beijing University, co-director of Diabetes Center of Beijing University, vice-director of Aging Research Center of Beijing University, doctoral supervisor, and the concurrent post of vice-president of Endocrine Doctor Association of Chinese Physicians'Association, honorary director member of Beijing Diabetes Specialty Committee, member of Asian Molecular Diabetes Association, permanent member of Evidence-based Medicine Committee of Chinese Physician’s Association, member of Beijing Endocrinology Association, vice chairman of International Diabetes Federation, member of Diabetes Strategy Group in Asian-Western Pacific Region (IDF-WPR) of International Diabetes Federation, member of Guidance Committee of International Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG), member of Guidance Committee of Global Diabetes Association, chief editor of Chinese Journal of Diabetes, vice editor of Doctor’s Paper, editorial board member of Journal of Chinese Health Control, editorial board member of Journal of Chinese Endocrinology and Metabolism, editorial board member of Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical practice, editorial board member of Journal of Diabetes, Pre-Chief Member of Diabetes Society of Chinese Medical Association, and consultant of Committee of Definition, Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes of WHO.
    Main research experiences: Now the projects that he is presiding or participating include International “863” Major Projects, Sub-Project of “973” Project, National Major Specialty Project, Major Projects of Beijing Science Committee, National Nature Science Fund, etc.


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  • Linong Ji

    Director of Endocrinology Department of Peking University People’s Hospital

    Graduated from Medical Department of Beijing Medical University in 1986. From 1993 to 1996, he obtained WHO Scholarship and Scholarship of International Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and went to JOSLIN Diabetes Center in Harvard University U.S.A. for a refresher course. From 1997 to 1999, he took the post of associate professor (visiting medical professor) of Harvard University U.S.A. Now he is mainly engaged in clinical practice in endocrinology and researches on molecular genetics of diabetes and intensified treatment of diabetes.During recent years, Linong Ji has published more than 100 articles in supreme professional journals domestic or abroad, including more than 10 articles published on international supreme journals such as Diabetes, Diabetologia, Diabete Research and Clinical Practice, Genomic, American Journal of Medicine, Human Molecular Genetics Hypertension, and presided or participated in compiling 17 medical monographs. He has won the Second Award of National Technology Advance (the 2nd recipient), Clinical Medicine Award for Outstanding Middle-Aged and Youth by Health Department, Outstanding Scholar Award of Chinese Medical Association Foundation (New York), and the title of the national outstanding scientific and technological workers.


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  • Tianmei Si

    Director of Clinical Psychological Pharmacology Research Office of Psychological Health Institute of Beijing University, Professor, Ph.D supervisor

    Professional direction and interests: 

    Researches on neurological biochemistry and psychological pharmacology.

    Past researches:
    A research on mechanism of clozapine inducing neutropenia;
    A research on animal model of schizophrenia with glutamic acid hypofunction;
    A research on mechanism of abnormal nerve development in schizophrenia patients and on mechanism of neurological protection by anti-schizophrenia drugs;
    Mapping and cloning of susceptible genes in schizophrenia patients;
    Research on pharmacokinetics of psychotropic drugs in Chinese individuals, and the research on relationship between genetic polymorphism of cellular cytochrome P450 and metabolism of the drug in vivo.
    Clinical trial of new psychotropic drugs (phas I, II, III and IV).
    Drafting and revision of guideline to control of psychiatric disorders.


    Social appointments:
    General secretary of psychiatric medicine branch of Chinese Medical Society
    Director of cooperative group of schizophrenia of Specialty Committee of Psychiatric Medicine of Chinese Medical Association
    Leader of Pharmacological Alliance of Psychiatrist Branch Group of Chinese Physician’s Society
    Member of the Standing Committee of Specialty Committee of Basic and Clinical Researches on Psychiatric Diseases of Chinese Neurology Society.
    Member of Clinical Toxicology committee of Chinese Toxicology Society.                         
    Collegium of International Neuropsychopharmacology (CINP): Committee member
    International Society of Bipolar Disorder(ISBD): Committee member
    Schizophrenia Research International Board: Committee member
    Asian Collegium of Neuropsychopharmacology
    AsCNP: Executive member


    Projects undertaken by him (Projects undertaken by him as the principal investigator (PI)                                             
    1. 12th five-year national technological major specific-item project of “Major Novel Drug Discovery”
    2. Project of national natural science foundation;
    3. Key supportive project of technological development foundation of capital medical development;
    4. Specific item foundation of specialty item of doctoral subject in institution of higher learning.

    Articles published: Totally more than 140 in core journals domestic and abroad.

    He has participated in compiling multiple monographs related to psychiatric pharmacology;
    Compiling graduate textbooks;
    Compiling control guideline for psychiatric disorders.

    Translation works:
    Essential Psyctlopharmacology: Principal translator of Guideline of prescription and scientific basis and clinical application to neurology.


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  • Mingyu Ni

    Capital Medical University Resources Management Office of the Secretary of clinical samples

    Graduated from the Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, received a master's degree in pharmacology at the Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, engaged in research work in Beijing Institute of biomedical research and. In 2008, she went to the school of life science, Purdue University. In 2013, she was transferred to Capital Medical University as the Secretary of the Beijing biological bank and the Management Office of clinical resources sample database of Capital Medical University.

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