GiantCRO takes oath to grow-up with the leadership in specialized service for drug research and development in pharmaceutical market. We never follow others. We are engaged always in self improvement, ceaseless innovation, sincere cooperation and benefit to society. We believe in that faith moves mountains. 

Talented person is the foundation of our success. We have formed a group that is brave, confident and good at exploitation, providing a broad arena for employees, endowing them with sacred responsibilities and giving them generous rewards. We have created a working environment characterized in sincere cooperation, mutual sympathy, seeking talents and empowerment of personnel, in order to achieve the goals impossible to achieve individually. We are united as one, realizing dreams of our customers, personnel and shareholders through unremitting efforts.

Our customers are our source of development. We are developing our customers worldwide and providing specialized solutions and meticulous services for them. We are engaged in improving the operating efficiency of medical industry, creating values for our customers beyond their requirement, and eventually benefiting society.