Intelligience Center

GiantCRO Intelligience Center
In the field of drugs and medical instruments, we provide you with following services:
Preparation of protocol manuscript for branch disciplines
Consultancy on protocol design for clinical researches
Analysis on medical information
Assistance for cooperative abutment to multi-center medical organizations both domestic and abroad.

It is a legal web system of medical records including 450 clinical trial centers in various grades (covering 80% of the tertiary referral centers)
A senior multi-disciplinary group engaged in preparation of manuscript for clinical trials on drugs and medical instruments.
A nearly 16-year nationwide database for clinical trials on drugs and medical instruments
A CRO Company occupying the 1st place in the field of cerebral apoplexy, embracing the richest medical resources and experience in clinical trials.
A top-5 CRO Company in the field of cardiovascular diseases, involving development of drugs and innovative medical instruments related to internal medicine and surgery.
A top-5 CRO in the field of development of Traditional Chinese Medicine
A top-2 CRO in the filed of cooperative development of novel biological medical material and biological formulations, and
A Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB*) comprising famous experts.
*DSMB: Data Safety Monitoring Board